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Page history last edited by Lisa Chaddock 3 years, 12 months ago

PCWR Geography means Physical, Cultural and World Regional Geography, GIS and Geology at San Diego City College!  Explore the earth with the Earth Sciences at City College!


Geography is the adventure of exploration of the earth, and the human - environmental interactions worldwide.

This web page is maintained by Lisa Chaddock (seen right at the Grand Canyon) for the use and benefit of the students at San Diego City College Geography, Geology and GIS department.


FYI FOR ALL CITY COLLEGE STUDENTS: Because of Covid19, all classes in Fall 2020 are online.  

Okay, that picture to the right is me about 2012, when I was riding a V-strom motorcycle with my husband, Craig, and touring the western United States and Canada.  But I thought it was the best picture for my personality, and I haven't changed a lot - just a blue streak on the right side of my hair - another personality trait hint. 

I love to go bird watching, and I knit scarves, hats and fingerless mitts for students who decide to do the honors assignment for any class.  They earn it.

I also love Comic-con, and volunteer for Comic-Con every year for the Heinlein Blood Drive - I've been doing so since about 2002.  Yes, this year I'm doing Comic-con@Home - for the first time I'll be going to a Hall H program!  I'm so excited, but I miss all my students, friends and family gathering at Comic-Con to talk about all things IDW and DC and such - and talking with authors.  I write songs, too, for the blood drive every year.   I write to the books and comics that authors hand me, and then I get together with Geoff Hanson and Sue Caldwell, and we write and produce songs to benefit the San Diego Blood Bank.  So, here's a sample.  If you donate blood - you're a hero.  Thank you!



Digital Citizenship:

1. If you do not have regular internet access, there is free wifi at the schools in SDCCD, in all the parking lots.  There are also applications to receive a free laptop and wifi hotspot for students who are without any internet access.

2. Treat others fairly and post things that lift up the conversation.  Remember that common courtesy should be extended to everyone you know - we all get along much better that way. 

3. Before you post, think - is it true, hurtful, illegal, necessary, kind?  THINK.





If you are not registered to vote, please register online today: tinyurl.com/reg2voteonline. This year, we're all voting by mail.  No excuses - your voice counts.



I am storing some of my materials on this website.  If Canvas goes down (rarely, but one never knows) there are a lot of resources parked here.  I use an Open Educational Resources textbook now, because I realize that the cost of textbooks have gone beyond what my students can afford.  So, here are a few resources.


Physical Geography 


Physical Geography Lab


World Regional Geography


Cultural Geography  


Urban Geography  


Emergency Preparedness Information for Earthquakes - we are in an emergency now with Covid19 - best be ready in case we also have an earthquake or a fire in San Diego.  I ask you to prepare and I give you credit for doing this as an assignment.


For upcoming assignments and exams, most of the rubrics are in Canvas.  For exams, here is the Rubric (the criteria) by which I grade your work:



You know how I am about Climate Change.  Here is information about grasslands and locking up carbon.

http://www.ted.com/talks/allan_savory_how_to_green_t  Ted.com Video about grazing and Climate Change

Blue Nest Beef is a company that uses Dr. Savory's methods and is locking up carbon much faster than originally estimated - higher than rain forests!


If you have trouble with figuring out if the news is real or fabricated, or if something online is factual, read this booklet.  I'm really into critical thinking, because it's important to know what's going on.

Critical Thinking Compact booklet  Concepts_Tools.pdf



Ideas for attending Events/Speeches for your project:

     The Reuben H. Fleet Space Center has a great Science of Magic exhibit this semester! 

     The Natural History Museum has exhibits on the Mayan Culture and their history with Math and Science.

     The San Diego Audubon Society has numerous volunteer opportunities to work either at Fiesta Island, Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary, or Anstine Wildlife Sanctuary     


Volunteer Match for San Diego:



In the News as it pertains to these classes:

Want to see the underlying geology of San Diego? Here's a great USGS Geology map:



Japan before and after Remote Sensing photos on ABC news Australia


Map of how San Diego would be affected by a Nuclear Accident - aren't you glad we closed San Onofre?  Well, it's still there, sitting next to the San Onofre fault line.


TedX video on Agriculture


Zoomable San Andreas Fault Map http://www.thulescientific.com/san-andreas-fault-map.html


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I will continually put new information on this website, as well as at my Facebook page and on Twitter. If you find something really cool, email it to me so I can make it availble for the entire class!

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